Many of us want to bring change into our lives.  Most of us have goals that may include weight loss, quit smoking or doing better in our jobs or at school.  Sometimes it is procrastination that gets in the way of success or a lack of self confidence or self esteem.


   Often we begin to take steps towards our goals with good intentions only to have them disappear nearly  as soon as we began.  Willpower diminishes and self gratification takes over.  Perhaps it is stress that overwhelms you and you feel that the only way to combat the anxiety is to allow familiar but bad/harmful habits to return.


Hypnosis can bring change when willpower or talk therapy has failed.  By reaching the subconscious mind, you are locating your personal hard drive and reformatting it.  You regain your personal power and control. My job is to assist you to achieve this in whatever success means to you.




What is Hypnosis?


HYPNOSIS is a very relaxed but focused state of concentration. It is a popular misconception that hypnosis is a form of unconsciousness that closely resembles sleep. In fact, hypnotic subjects are fully awake and are focusing attention while experiencing a decrease in their peripheral awareness. While in your waking state, the brain produces beta waves - when you begin to relax prior to sleep state, your brain waves change to alpha waves. The alpha state is very pleasant - this is the time the mind is open to visualizations and suggestion.

HYPNOSIS is a normal state of mind - there is nothing mystical nor magical about it. Did you ever get so engrossed in a song on the radio that you suddenly arrived at your destination without realizing it? Everyday we experience a form of hypnosis without even realizing it. You are always in control of your own mind - no one can make you do something you wouldn't normally do or accept suggestion that goes against your morals or values. So, when you think of a stage hypnotist making people cluck like chickens, remember that these are willing participants that are doing these things because they have the desire to do so.

Anyone can be hypnotized if they are willing to make a change in their lives. Some people do not realize that they are in the state of hypnosis yet experience change in their lives all the same. When the mind is ready to make a change, it can happen rapidly.

HYPNOSIS gently releases mental blocks and fears and creates a path for a new way to think and feel  


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